Events FAQ (Rental)

How does StoriCam work?

It’s super easy! You walk up to the StoriCam, our totally cool operator will greet you, and then ask you stand in front of the booth. Immediately, you’ll be able to see yourself on the screen. Then, select if you want to take a photo or boomerang! Before the camera ‘records, it will count down to give you time to pose. Then, then you’ll see the image or video you took right away on the screen in front of you. Press the green “Oh Yeah” or red “Oh No!” button to move forward. You can take as many videos/photos as you want.

How long does setup and take-down take?

The vast majority of all setup is done at our office before we head to your event. A typical setup is less than 15-25 minutes for a single booth.

What type of event would benefit from using StoriCam?

Any event would be enhanced using the StoriCam. StoriCam expertise in providing digital experiences to private events, corporate events, conventions, meetings, sports franchises, holiday parties, trade shows, expositions and media agencies. We are here for you. and we strive for excellence at each event.

Can guests view the photos/videos right away?

They can indeed! A preview is displayed on the iPad and a copy is emailed to them.

What’s inside StoriCam?

StoriCam uses modern tablet technology. As tablet computing improves with every product release that includes faster chip processors and great cameras, Stori leverages new Apple iPads as our preferred tablet.

How many people fit in the StoriCam?

StoriCam can fit anywhere from 1 to 15 people, or however many people you try to squeeze in front of the StoriCam for a picture or a boomerang video. Just have fun.

Are there props for people to use?

We do provide props, and they are included with every “Full Experience” package. We typically bring a minimal, clean selection of signs, mustaches, lips, silly glasses of various sorts, masks, and a few other rotating props to keep things fun.

What type of digital file does StoriCam save?

Images are saved in JPEG format and videos are saved in MP4. Both formats are friendly for sharing on social networks.

Can I switch from a photo booth to a video booth?

Yes, StoriCam gives you the ability to switch back and forth or give the option to the user.

Do you provide a background for my booth?

Yes, you can use a variety of colors for your backdrop or have us design something custom. Contact our sales group for background options.

Will our guests know how to operate StoriCam?

Yes, StoriCam touchscreen and is very user-friendly. Many of the rentals have no attendant because users know how to operate.

When I rent StoriCam, does a courteous attendant accompany and assist using the booth?

Our social ambassadors (attendants) not only capture the fun of your attendees, we promote your event hashtag/campaign and encourage the sharing of the content we capture and any other photos/videos the attendee may post. Our #1 job is to amplify your social reach outside of the event walls.

Our social ambassadors are friendly, funny, classy, awesome, thoughtful, kind people who know the StoriCam inside and out and specializes in making people feel comfortable and laugh!

Can I obtain the StoriCam digital images/videos of my event?

Yes.  You get online access to a gallery of all selfies taken at your event. You can also connect a Dropbox account to download a batch file.

Is it required to have all the photos published to the Stori mobile app?

No.  You can turn off this setting and publish only to a private gallery.

What social networks can I publish to?

Facebook profile page, Twitter account

Will I have technical support at my event?

Your dedicated project manager will be onsite helping you every step along the way, you get the peace of mind knowing that we are here for you.

Does StoriCam charge for travel?

Not if you’re near Los Angeles/Chicago/Miami/Austin. For all travel outside a 25-mile driving radius, we charge a custom fee that depends on event location and accessibility. You’ll see all travel charges reflected in your invoice.

Can I send the photos to multiple facebook pages?

No.  You are logged into one account and can only post into either your profile or a fan page you manage.

Can I use multiple photos in the branding?

Yes, You can create custom designs with as many logos as you want.

Can I move StoriCam to another location during the event?

Yes.  It is very light and mobile, but it requires professional attention to ensure nothing gets damaged during the move.

Do I have to have to use a backdrop?

Not at all! Backdrop or no backdrop, we’ll make sure people have a blast and the photos look great. If you need us to create a custom backdrop for your event? Contact us and we’ll get you a price quote.

How much space is required for StoriCam?

3’x3′ is the footprint of the unit; however, the standard booth with backdrop would require approximately 10′ x 10′.

How do I collect the email addresses?

You get access to the email addresses through your dashboard manager.  Emails are downloaded in CSV format ready to be imported into any email marketing system.

Is a deposit required to book an event?

Yes! We ask that a 50% deposit is sent to us to finalize a booking for all standard events as well as custom events and any production work.

What are the minimum/maximum time commitments?

4 hours is the minimum time for booking and 8 hours is the typical day maximum; however, any time commitments greater than 8 hours can be negotiated.

What if I want to keep the StoriCam past the hour limit?

If the fun happening at your event means you want us there for longer, we charge an hourly rate of $100 for every hour we go over what’s included in your booking.

Payment Method?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Debit, Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer

Hardware FAQ (Own)


No. We allow you to supply your own iPad so you can choose which size screen, storage, and version that best fits your needs. This also gives you the opportunity to use an iPad that you already have!

What is the Warranty?

Stori includes a 12-Month limited parts and labor warranty and does not cover damage due to normal usage or wear and tear. In the event that a repair is needed outside of your coverage period due to wear and tear, you will share a replacement price sheet and ship the product for repairs.

Warranties are non-transferable.

Can Stori Print?

Even though we discourage printing for several environmental reasons.

The hardware inherently cannot print because there is no printer, but you can install any third party printing software that you’d like.

The best way to do this would be to use our Dropbox Integration with a mobile photo printer hooked up to a laptop for users to select which photos they want.

What's the biggest size I can print?

The size of prints is determined by which iPad you use, as the cameras vary. We believe that you’ll be extremely satisfied with images printed at 4×6 and even 6×8 using the latest iPads.

Do I need tools to assemble?

Assembly of the 2 parts, ring light and tripod requires no tools and is slid on in seconds. It’s truly the most versatile selfie cam in the industry.

Do I need to take the iPad out of the StoriCam?

Not at all. You can keep it in the head unit even during transportation.

Which iPads will the equipment work with?

Currently, we are supporting the 2017 9.7″, 10.5” and 12.9” iPad and iPad Pros.

Can the iPad be used horizontally?

iPads can only be mounted in a vertical orientation in Stori. This avoids cross eye photos and allows the cam to capture the content ready for social media posting and mobile sharing.

What content experiences do you offer?

HD Photo Selfies / HD Video Boomerangs / HD Video Shoutouts (audio & video)

Can StoriCam travel on airplanes?

Yes! Our RingMasters can be carried on any commercial airplane.

Equipment Specifications


  • 65” fully extended


  • 20LBS


  • 5.5″


  • 18″


  • 15 Degrees Upwards and Downwards


  • Tripod: Aluminum
  • Shell: Scratch Resistant Plastic
  • Hinge / Fascia: High Impact Plastic


  • 120W
  • 115v/60hz and 240v/50hz
  • Compatible Internationally